Thank You to Charter Members

Ladies and gentlemen,

Those who attended the SWTO Meeting 001, THANK YOU kindly for your interest and your support.  You are our charter members, and from you, our organization will live or die.

Thank you graciously to our presenters, Fritz Boettner of Downstream Strategies, Lewis Baker from the WV Rural Water Association, Dale McCutcheon and Laurine Yates, educated and concerned MoCo citizens.  Thank you as well to all attendees who offered their thoughts, opinions, and research – or even just silent support.

I believe we had a productive information sharing session, and that was truly what we needed as a first collective step.  We now must assume that despite minor [even major] idiosyncrasies in our perspectives or approaches or fields of expertise – everyone that was in the room last night is fundamentally on the same page:

You cannot safely hydro-frack in karst country.*

We agree.  And we agree that the consequences of not acting now are profoundly unlovely and long-lasting.

And so we will now set out to accomplish the impossible – to ban the use of hydraulic fracturing in Monroe County (that is, unless it conforms to the Clean Water Act).  Now we will set our powerful collective human resources into motion; we will organize and we will strategize – and then we will get moving.

It begins by forming the ranks and structure of our organization, and by defining its intentions, processes, and timeline.

All this and more, to discuss:

Next Tuesday, 7pm, Senior Citizen Center.

More details >>

We hope you will join us.

~SWTO Team

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*Correct me if I am wrong, please.

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