From the Gasland Site : Hydraulic Fracturing FAQs

This is a very informative page from Gasland’s site.

At the top, you will find a creative and interactive Flash presentation that adds some visual clarity to the situation.

What's Fracking?

Gasland : Hydraulic Fracturing FAQs

Below, you will find simple, straightforward answers to the following questions:

  • How does hydraulic fracturing work?
  • What is horizontal hydraulic fracturing?
  • What is the Halliburton Loophole?
  • What is the Safe Drinking Water Act?
  • What is the FRAC Act?
  • How deep do natural gas wells go?
  • How much water is used during the fracking process?
  • What fluids are used in the fracking process?
  • In what form does the natural gas come out of the well?
  • What is done with the wastewater?
  • What is a well’s potential to cause air pollution?

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