Contact the President of the United States

An angle you might consider, in addition to contacting your local, regional, and state leaders is to send a message the President’s way.  Barack Obama has a significant web presence and welcomes comment.  Please take a moment to contact his administration via one of the following channels and tell him NO FRACKING IN KARST!

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EMAIL BARACK OBAMA. You can email President Barack Obama through the White House web page. Click the following link and then fill out the form:

Another way to email Obama is through any of the social networking sites he belongs to. You can email Obama through Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Linked In, BlackPlanet, FaithBase, Eons, and other social networking sites. For a complete list of sites that will let you leave a message for Obama, visit and scroll down to the “Obama Everywhere” sidebar on the bottom right.

If you would prefer to write a hand-written letter to President Obama, you can send him some snail mail to the following address:

The White House | 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW | Washington, DC  20500

Another way to talk to Barack Obama is by leaving him a voice mail. You can call the White House and leave a comment on the following line: Comments: 202.456.1111

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