Additional Questions for State Offices / Agencies

  • Will anyone be monitoring for seismic activity?
  • Indiana had some policies on the internet regarding drilling in karst, no wells shall be drilled withing the boundary of any cave within a 330 fee radius.  Does WV have any policies similar to this?  Would the DEP be willing to have the same policy?  Are there any areas in Monroe County that are located in a 330 feet radius from a cave?
  • According to the WV DEP there are many chemicals including Propan-2-ol, Acrylamide copolymer, Ammonium sulfate, Dimethyl siloxanes & Boric Acid that are known carcinogens & teratogens, these chemicals are odorless & colorless – how can the WV DEP guarantee the safety of someone’s water without testing for these chemicals?  Who pays – the Gas Company, WV DEP or home owner?
  • Does the gas company not have to abide by the same rules & regulations companies have to abide by & have a MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) on all the chemicals they are using?  Who enforces they have this information and are using the proper protective equipment?
  • Do we have a comprehensive state plan for regulating the withdrawal of the huge amount (2 – 8 million gallons) of water required for the fracking process of each well?
  • Do we have a statewide program to regulate all water withdrawals to insure that sensitive habitats and drinking water are not at risk for drying up?
  • Is there enough staff to enforce our environmental policies?
  • Has a Cumulative Impact Study been conducted to determine what the overall fracking process (in the state) may do to sensitive water supplies, insufficient roadways, and infrastructure?  If not, the Big Picture needs to be taken into consideration.

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2 thoughts on “Additional Questions for State Offices / Agencies

  1. Mr. Burlet Smith

    I have 25 acres on either side of Zenith rd, Munroe county wv, and I’m interested in fencing my livestock away from the spring that drains into whatever creek that is that comes out of the McClungs mill cave. Are there assistance programs for this sort of thing?


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