We are a collective of concerned individuals – endeavoring to preserve an uncontaminated water supply and irreversible damage to the ecosystem.  Become educated, become aware of the dangers.

We are currently focused on the proposed use of hydraulic fracture in the marcellus shale beds of Monroe County, WV – a karst region.  The land here is full of caves, sinkholes, vertical seams, and most importantly, an interconnected system of underground water.  To fire millions of gallons of toxins under extremely high pressure into the ground – we think that is a very, very bad idea.

Unfortunately, hydraulic fracture has already left behind a wake of documented disaster – in an effort to open the hearts, minds and eyes of our neighbors, our friends, and our leaders – we will use this site to share and distribute information.

Join us and support our efforts to spread knowledge and to Save the Water Table!

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