Whereas, the karst topography and limestone bedrock which underlie Monroe County make our water bearing formations especially vulnerable to contamination, as evidenced by the fact that about half of the water wells tested within the county by the Monroe County Health Department have been found contaminated; and

Whereas because of the unique karst topography, there are many underground hydrologic systems, draining large areas of the County, that are not well defined or documented; and

Whereas, groundwater is the primary source of public and private water use in Monroe County; and

Whereas, there are now increasing numbers of active gas wells in the United States with increasing reports of water contamination relating to gas well drilling processes, and

Whereas, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection are studying the potential environmental impact of gas well drilling processes; and

Whereas Chapter 7-1-3kk of the West Virginia Code states as follows in reference to county commissions, “In addition to all powers and duties conferred by law upon county commissions, commissions are hereby authorized to enact ordinances, issue orders and take other appropriate and necessary actions for the elimination of hazards to public health and safety and to abate or cause to be abated anything which the commission determines to be a public nuisance”

Therefore; we undersigned concerned citizens of the Monroe County area respectfully request that the Monroe County Commission order a MORATORIUM on gas well drilling for six months in Monroe County to allow time for more extensive research into the potential for contamination of groundwater in karst topography and to give full consideration to regulation of gas well drilling at the county level.

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37 thoughts on “Petition

  1. myles Post author

    I’ll go first.

    Myles Samuel Yates, Monroe County, WV.

    I oppose vehemently the contamination of the water table. As such, I vehemently oppose the use of hydraulic fracturing in our karst watershed.

  2. Ba Rea

    It is my impression that the karst formation we live on is poorly understood by the majority of this community. The history of damage to the water in communities in which fracking has already been done is also not widely known. Educating the public needs to be a high priority if we want of build a local resistance to the gas drilling.

  3. Rob Fry

    Would you trade all the beautiful views and secluded spots of the land you live and grew up on to be leveled, denuded of trees and vegetation, sprouting shining industrial drilling rigs, your country road traffic jammed daily with large construction trucks, your land criss-crossed with construction roads, your tap water catching on fire, your house enveloped in a cocktail smog of chemicals for a few more dollars? Then by all means sell your mineral rights to the gas companies and look forward to a beautiful vista through hellish colored glasses. Me? I’d rather live poor in not just almost heaven Monroe County.

  4. Merri Morgan

    Some people who leased their mineral rights will get very rich at the expense of everyone else in Monroe County. Your money will not restore clean air, water, soil or quality of life. How can you face yourself in the mirror, much less your neighbors?

  5. Patricia A. Allen

    I am against this drilling. Lets not destroy our county. This is where I was born
    and raised, and still remain today. Lets keep this County undamaged by this.

  6. judy walton

    I do not agree with the drilling in Monroe County. We live in a wonderful place and we do not want the Fracking in Monroe County. We don’t want our land to be destroy by this. Keep them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. laurine and barry

    This form of gas drilling must be the greatest threat to life in Monroe County that the area has ever known. Contaminated water in karst country??? this is a crime!!

  8. timothy

    Timothy Luce
    Greenbrier County, WV

    It’s not about save the spotted owls, or protecting an endangered slug, it’s about uncontaminated drinking water and streams for man and beast alike.

    Why should we think that we will escape any of the tragedies that have happened to other communities where this same drilling has occurred.

    See the story elsewhere on this site titled “A Town Wrecked by Hydraulic Fracture Natural Gas Drilling”

  9. Pamela White

    Many land owners in Monroe Co. have already made the personal decision to lease their land to the gas co.’s. and there is no turning back on these contracts, especially when the checks have already been cashed.

    Unfortunately drilling and fracking are inevitable in some parts. I applaud those who wish to eliminate fracking in the county altogether but see this as a very difficult road ahead.

    I would like to see efforts made to ensure that the fracking that is done is regulated. Texas has an entity that the oil & gas drillers have to report to & they get frequent inspections. It may not be the best, but at least it is something. Who is going to regulating gas companies in WV? In Monroe Co.?

    While I would love to keep gas drilling out of Monroe Co. all together, I think it is too late considering landmen have been working the area for quite some time. With this information at hand, the lack of regulation in the state & county is very scary. WV is continually raped already by the coal companies and about to get it again from gas producers!

    1. laurine yates

      Just a note to say that I totally agree that the best route is to stop the drilling before it begins. All the regulations put into a HUGE book won’t mean a thing if there is no one to enforce the rules……. ( See Wetzel County) Who would enforce rules about leaks in the cement 1000 feet underground???? or even who would enforce something simple like weight loads on bridges????? Also we must remember— accidents happen. In karst country an accident is a disaster!

  10. victoria cameron

    “There is a Cree proverb that says, “Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned, and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” The toxic oil spewing into the Gulf is so heartbreaking and massive that the warning of this proverb as it relates to the spill cannot possibly be missed by any one of us. This catastrophe is bringing each of us to our own personal crossroads about environmental stewardship.
    Let’s all heed the foretelling of the Cree and become part of the solution. Show that we are aware that organisms and the environment are one process, trees are our lungs, rivers and waters and oceans are our circulation, the earth recycles as our physical body, and the atmosphere is our breath. Let us show in action that we know we are one ecosystem. Let us not let the Earth become uninhabitable.
    Many of us, overwhelmed by bad news on the ecological front for more than a decade, may almost by default find ourselves going down the road that allows shutting down and tuning out, passively letting bad go to worse. But let’s change now to a way that leads to personal fulfillment and empowerment. Let’s go down the road of action, following the invigorating, energizing, call to action that this current catastrophe has inspired.
    Most of us have a little of both scenarios going on in ourselves. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the grief and complexity. This is why I invite you to continue to contribute to Collective Creativity, our LinkedIn group, to work together to create more proactive solutions and innovations to prevent problems like the Gulf from happening again.” (Deepak Chopra)

    While the above quote refers to the Gulf disaster, it speaks to the very heart of what we are grappling with and trying to avoid here in Monroe County. Though our plight may not grab headlines, it has the potential to be just as detrimental (though more insidious) to the overall health and survival of our planet (as we know it) and her inhabitants.

  11. Roger Pence

    Here they come again! Big Energy from somewhere else aggressively and covertly getting out ahead of adequate regulation to rape our precious land, pollute our water, and ruin our quality of life. We refuse to become part of the Appalachian wasteland that Big Coal left our neighbors to the west!

  12. Roger Pence

    I am in opposition to drilling for natural gas in Monroe County and especially opposed to the extraction method called “hydraulic fracturing”. This method is not properly regulated and not adequately tested and proven to be safe anywhere especially in karst areas. If allowed the drilling could have dire consequences for the regions water table and our health.

    1. Robin D. Wright

      There is no place on this page that I can find to leave only the digital signature as requested. If you try to do so, a comment must be made in order to add your name . . .

      1. myles Post author

        Your digital signature is simply you writing in the comments field on the Petition page. A sentence or two is fine – just trying to cut out the longer statements, essays, etc – and move them into Discussions.

  13. louis harlan

    No fricking FRACKING! No gas drilling and no exploratory wells, please. Once they get a foothold they don’t leave this is the experience around the country. We don’t need the pollution and we don’t need the associated illnesses that follow.

  14. Sue Clewell

    We cannot allow gas drilling and the resulting contamination of our life sustaining water in Monroe County. No Drilling!!!

  15. Larry Lilly

    Water quality is more easily damaged than repaired, there is not a citizen in the county who does not rely on clean water every day.

  16. Kelly Shreve

    We must do everything we can to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Monroe County. Deep well gas drilling over karst is fraught with danger to our wells and springs and caves. Ultimately, it may be seriously dangerous to the health of our people. It makes no sense to take this chance for a fistful of dollars. I am adamantly opposed to this gas drilling.

  17. MCDADE'S



  18. Ann S.

    Poisoning our water source so a few can get rich. Doesn’t building a solar panel make more sense? We really are parasites on this planet. shame, shame

    These companies have government at their will, for they have spent millions and millions ensuring their interests through putting certain people in certain offices.

    When people lose faith in the government, and feel as though the government is not serving or protecting them, the systems fails.

    Look through history and you will see examples of this. As long is there is a monetary system, there will be greed. With greed comes injustice and irrational decisions, such as poisoning our water source, the source of ALL life, including the “intelligent” species, homo sapiens.

    WE CAN GO WITHOUT THIS ENERGY! We have solar, thermal, tidal, wind! Just to name a few!

  19. Don Dawson, Jr.

    I oppose frackured gas drilling in Monroe County. Particularly, where the karst topography is likely to allow contamination of the groundwater to result very easily. Also, where proximity to neighbors, surrounding a gas well site, may have their water wells contaminated, these vital water wells on which they heavily depend.


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