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    Welcome, we're glad you're here. Looking for something to do?  Check out the Action Items. Read more about who we are and what we do :  About | Mission |…

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    We are a collective of concerned individuals - endeavoring to preserve an uncontaminated water supply and irreversible damage to the ecosystem.  Become…

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      Our Mission is to preserve an uncontaminated water table. We will do this by educating landowners and residents concerning the documented dangers of any…

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      Our Vision is simple - a land with clean water.

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    TO THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF MONROE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA; Whereas, the karst topography and limestone bedrock which underlie Monroe County make our water…

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    You can help protect the water and agricultural character of Monroe County by sending a donation online via PayPal, with a credit card, or by sending a check…

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    State Elected Officials Jay Rockefeller Phone : 202.224.6472 Fax : 202.224.7665 Carte Goodwin Phone : 202.224.3954 Fax : 202.228.0002 Nick…

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      PDF : Considering the Clean Water Act PDF : Sustainable Water Systems : Step One - Redefining the Nation’s Infrastructure Challenge PDF : The Need for…

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      See images here of both sides of the coin, both the beauty of our nearly untouched, pristine and bountiful land - and the destruction hydraulic fracking can…

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    Join us by registering and we'll update you as this journey to save the water table progresses. Join the movement to preserve our pristine waters. We send…

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      Water Facts!  Please contribute your own facts about water by adding a comment below. 75% of the earth is covered with water and 97% of it is ocean, which…

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    Find below the Site Map / Table of Contents. It holds links to all the pages and posts on the site.  Use the Options to sort the list as you wish or to…

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2 thoughts on “Together we can save the water table.

  1. myles

    Thanks for the input Bob. I think we thought “aquifer” would be understood by less of the masses than “water table.” Plus – doesn’t it kinda have a ring to it?


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