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Known Problems with Hydraulic Fracture Drilling

Water Quantity issues:
· Millions gallons of water to prepare a Marcellus shale gas well for production

o Where the water comes from?  Small streams during low flow periods?
Can be a issue for water supply and quality

Water Quality issues:
· A portion of that water returns to the surface, this water is the  fracking fluid water and other pollutants which are picked up underground.

· The water that comes to the surface can be disposed of by:

o A controlled under injection well

o Partially cleaned and recycle water in another gas well

o Send it to a treatment plant, (only one in WV, near Fairmont)

o They cannot send it to a municipal sewage treatment plans, does not treat the total dissolved solids (TDS).

oThe contamination of water by the fracking water has been documented by Downstream Strategies in both surface and groundwater in various analysis, this is contrary to what the gas folks state.

· Pennsylvania just implemented very strict limits on TDS discharges from wastewater treatment plants into to stream specifically because the Marcellus shale industry

· WV has no such standards for Marcellus shale discharges from plants to surface waters

· Fracking fluid includes a wide variety of

  1. Sand
  2. Chemicals
  3. Proportions of chemicals are unknown