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Hydraulic Fracking Ban in New York and New Jersey Limits Natural Gas Drilling

Another state wises up and takes proactive protective action by BANNING fracking: New Jersey.

Source : Energy Digital

On March 10, New Jersey—a state in the northeastern region of the United States—put a ban on the practice of hydraulic fracking for natural gas reserves. The state is following suit with New York, which instated a seven-month ban on hydraulic fracking on various natural gas drilling sites for fears of water contamination.

The bans come in response to alleged water contamination issues being reported from the neighboring state of Pennsylvania, which has been using the hydraulic fracking process to tap the large natural gas reserves recently discovered in the Marcellus shale fields. Various communities throughout the state are complaining about water pollution resulting from the chemicals pumped underground in the fracking process.


W.Va. Studying Link Between Earthquakes and Wells

Source : Charleston Daily Mail

FRAMETOWN, W.Va. (AP) — Eight small earthquakes in central West Virginia since April have Chesapeake Energy and the state Department of Environmental Protection discussing the possibility of seismic monitoring near a disposal well for gas-drilling fluids.

Oklahoma-based Chesapeake has injected more than 10.6 million gallons of brine and hydraulic fracturing fluid into the well since March 2009. The underground injection site in the Frametown area has been a permitted disposal well since 2008.

Some geologists suspect high pressure and wastewater have lubricated old fault lines, allowing them to slip and trigger small earthquakes. Chesapeake isn’t so sure, but it has agreed to reduce the volume of fluid it’s injecting.

Gene Smith, compliance manager for the DEP, said no link has been proven, and no seismic events have been reported at 70 similar disposal wells around West Virginia. Still, he said, the state will investigate.

“We’re looking at the mechanics of the well, the geology of the area and the events that have been happening in the area, to see, from a scientific level, if what’s taking place could cause earthquakes,” Smith said.

Since April 4, Braxton County has been shaken by eight small earthquakes registering between 2.2 and 3.4 on the Richter scale. No major damage was reported.

Drilling companies are producing wastewater as they rush to tap the Marcellus shale field, a rich natural gas reserve that underlies Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. The gas is locked in tightly compacted rock a mile underground, and freeing it requires unconventional horizontal drilling technologies and vast amounts of water.

The DEP says many companies are recycling much of their water, but some is also pumped back into storage wells.